We are the future!

We love our students! They have embraced the Micah 6:8 vision and have led the way in many justice and serving opportunities. This moment in life can be both amazing and hard, and our community of students have shown love for each other and for spreading the love of Jesus to our community and beyond.

New Creation Station Kids

On Sunday our kids get to worship as a family at the beginning of service! Then they are released right after to the New Creation Stations area which is located behind the main stage. There they are grouped with similarly aged kids to study and learn the Good News!


- 1st graders to 5th graders

- Kindergarteners

- Toddlers

- Nursery

6th - 12th Graders

Our Youth Ministry is a great place for students to come together and hang out, develop some deep friendships, and encounter the Living God. The youth group meets at 6pm on Sunday nights.